A Stranger Pays For Their Shopping, “She Said It Made Her Happy” (VIDEO)

A Stranger Pays For Their Shopping,

It is a day that will remain etched in the memory of the customers. A Friday, May 6, 2022, will no longer be present at this Aldi of Trans-en-Provence in Var (France). Many were actually offered purchases by a generous stranger. A couple interviewed by our colleagues from Var-Matin explained how this happened. As he headed towards the checkout with his shopping cart, a woman was startled by the presence of a woman near the checkout. “She was in her 40s, of average height and wearing oversized sunglasses.”

When it came time to pay, the woman approached him: “To our surprise, he asked us if we didn’t mind if he paid for our groceries.” Embarrassed, the couple refuses, but the beneficiary equally inserts his card into the reader: “You’ll enjoy the other way around! “, he launched them.

” To please ”

“We remained stupid. There were 123 euros worth of purchases! […] We had never seen anything like this,” the customer told Var Matin. Behind the couple, a mother was also offered a purchase: “She left the store crying after this beautiful gift”.

The beneficiary did not communicate his identity but France 2, which returned in its news on this beautiful story, confirmed the beauty of her gesture: she had just won the lotto and just wanted to “please”. The cashier, who has never seen it in three years’ service, confirms: “This lady asked me if I didn’t mind stationing myself at ’til to pay for customers’ purchases, when until his credit card reaches its limit. »

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