A US official denies there were any casualties in the bombing of Deir Ezzoro

A US official denies there were any casualties in the bombing of Deir Ezzoro

A US official denies there were any casualties in the bombing of Deir Ezzoro

“Syria” is the first file of “successful diplomacy” between Biden and Putin

Monday – 2 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442 AH – 12 July 2021 AD Issue no. [

US military deployment near the Syrian-Iraqi border (official account of the International Coalition)

Washington: Moaz al-Omarik

A US military official confirmed that the attacks targeting the locations of “International Coalition to Combat ISIS” forces, which have US troops, did not result in casualties or significant damage, while not disclosing the party behind the attacks. I went.
Reuters news agency quoted an unnamed US defense official as saying that US forces and the international coalition in Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria were subjected to “indirect attacks with firearms”, noting that initial reports showed no casualties or casualties. There was damage in the area. Late on Saturday night … which was confirmed by the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” and announced by Syrian TV, that an unidentified explosion occurred at the “Konoko” gas plant, which is being used by the international Deir Coalition forces posed as a military base in the eastern countryside of the Azore, and that an explosion occurred in the area without any knowledge of casualties.
US forces are stationed at several military sites in Syria; In particular, near the “Al-Umar” oil and “Konoko” gas fields in Deir ez-Zor, and near the al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria. A missile struck a gas field in eastern Syria where forces belonging to the international coalition are stationed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday.
The observatory suggested that the militia “west of the Euphrates” were behind the incident. That comes after a series of attacks targeting the “al-Omar” oil field, near which the largest base of the international coalition is located in Syria. The latest incident also comes amid rising tensions that followed the US strikes last month. 3 goals; One in western Iraq, and two in Syria, and Washington said at the time that pro-Iranian groups were using these headquarters to fight US forces and make weapons and drones.
Over the past week, Syrian Kurdish forces reported that they repulsed drone strikes near a major coalition base in the al-Umar oil field, and two unidentified missile shells landed on the western edge of the al-Umar field without casualties, While it was unclear who was responsible for the attacks.. Many observers and analysts believe the attacks are a response message from Iran and its armed militias in the region to recent US attacks.
These developments come in conjunction with indirect talks being held with Tehran aimed at returning to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, from which the administration of former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew, but these efforts and Iran’s Between seven rounds and the United States and European countries reached it, following the inaction of the Iranian side, and before the arrival of the new Iranian government, known for its toughness and leadership of President-elect Ibrahim Raisi, last week a turned into a dead end.
In another context, Deputy US envoy to the United Nations, Jeffrey Brissette, said that the United States was able to extend the opening of the Bab al-Hawa crossing with Security Council member states to provide humanitarian and humanitarian assistance. The relief aid is a major diplomatic success, pointing to a greater role and cooperation between the United States and Russia in this matter.
Brissette stressed in a telephone briefing to reporters on Saturday evening that Syria was the first diplomatic step that US President Joe Biden’s administration was able to achieve with Russia, and that the United States looked forward to more cooperation and completion. continues to work for The urgent humanitarian needs of the Syrian people, and this humanitarian relief is the basis of “another possible initiative” aimed at better meeting the needs, given that it is a diplomatically negotiated solution between the United States and Russia. The focus is, and the United States and other members of the Security Council.
He said, “This is a real achievement, because it demonstrates what diplomacy can achieve after patience … the preservation of immediate humanitarian aid, and the flow of immediate humanitarian aid through this important cross-border. So we believe that there is a real opportunity to continue working to expand humanitarian aid through all modalities, and there are some references to this in the Security Council resolution, and that it was the focus of diplomacy that was needed to achieve this result. and President Biden yesterday, had the opportunity to speak to President Putin, and he welcomed both with the efforts of our teams to reach this agreement and to be able to continue this important assistance until next year. did.
Jeffrey Brisket promised that the United States “still believes it needs to provide assistance to the Syrian people in every way possible throughout Syria, and that’s what I’ve focused on, and that’s why.” This cross-border expansion was absolutely necessary.” That the Biden administration “is also supportive of the provision of aid through all modalities; including help through other lines,” which he did not name.
The US diplomat acknowledged that “there are many other issues on which Washington has differences with Moscow, and the president and Putin were discussing some of these issues in their calls, but the outcome that came out was positive,” he said. said. “It was a good example of what diplomatic efforts between the United States can achieve.” and Russia. So we are happy with it and look forward to working on it in the coming months.


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