After a quarrel with Apple, Biscamp banned political debate. One third of the laborers remain

  After a quarrel with Apple, Biscamp banned political debate.  One third of the laborers remain

At Basecamp, he decided that he did not want employees to talk about social and political issues, and took away something from the way he was supposed to be influenced by power – he did not like it

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Workplace politics can often become a source of friction. Only in recent months have we seen such a case give rise to a severe storm in the high-tech world Jewish lyricist activists called attackers on the Capitol “Nazis”, fired from the job, He was offered to return to the job with the dismissal of the HR manager who fired him in the first place – just so refused. It is now revealed that an American company, which has decided to ban such discussions, has found itself at the center of the storm.

He took power from activists who did not like it

American software company Basecamp, which develops software for joint work, found itself at the center of a collective departure of employees, with company CEO Jason Fried announcing a change in the company’s conduct – including, among other things, political sanctions also includes. And social discussion among employees.

Basecamp is not the first company to do so. Crypto giant Coinbase announced a similar move as last October, but the move went relatively quietly at the time of Coinbase, with Biscamp already ready for Ricochet. One of the founders of the company – David Henmier Hanson (who first opened On many fronts Against apple) – Informed employees that whoever wishes to leave will be entitled to compensation.

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Hinemire Hanson posted on the company’s blog two days after Fried’s post, which caused a storm that all company employees who are at least 3 years old can leave and receive six months of salary as compensation. , While any person who works less than 3 years. Receive three months’ salary as compensation. “We will not be offended, nor will we ask questions,” Hennimier Hanson wrote of the possibility that employees would decide to opt for the company’s offer.

But it seems that the developers had not even imagined what would happen. About a third of the company’s employees (who employ about 57 people) decided to jump at the chance and leave Biscamp after the change. 21 of them, including some senior executives from the company – including the heads of Biscamp’s marketing and design departments, have already announced to Kabbal M and Twitter that they are leaving – and some are clearly “recent” Changes to “.

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According to Reported by The VergeThe problematic part of Biskamp’s CEO’s announcement is not a ban on political discussions – some employees testified that this is far from the problem in society – but a ban on discussion on social issues. In recent years the subject has been more into intra-social discussion, but now the founders of the company have decided that it is prohibited.

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Along with the discussions that Fried announced banning, the company announced that it would also end workers’ committees formed over the years and create a kind of small pressure groups within the base camp. In addition, Fried announced that Basecamp would revoke the benefits it has given employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote areas such as learning outside of work hours, as the company – he said – even though Do not influence the activities of your employees outside the office itself. This is for a positive purpose.

It is important to note that a large part of BaseCamp’s mantra, which produces tools for companies to work together, is to improve productivity and the workplace – and the company itself publishes five separate books on the subject Has managed to do. I wonder if the abandonment of a company’s third would be considered a good example for the next book.

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