Alex Saab was given a humanitarian remedy

Alex Saab was given a humanitarian remedy

In the order of 31 August, to which the Cape Verdean digital medium Notícias do Norte had access, the court considers that “so to be so, and because it appears to us that such a decision would not create great limitations, and here Even if this happens, health should come first, given by Alex Saab for the transfer of residence requested in the city of Praia, Santiago”.

This decision is the result of a request from the Defense, to relocate from the city of Santa Maria, Sal, where the ambassador is under house arrest, to the Cape Verdean capital, alleging “the ambassador is required to assist the experts” in the field of oncology. Which Sal is not present on the island”, was told in a press release by the Saab defense team.

The Court of Appeal bases its decision on the following facts: “In the analysis of the case, based on the material of the medical report and supporting documents, it is necessary that the detainee be assisted by experts in the field of oncology, of the case.” Given the declared urgency and the known shortage of specialist doctors in Isla de Sal, for health reasons that no one can deny, it seems appropriate that authorization be given for your transport to the city of Praia, where you can be properly Treated by doctors specializing in the areas indicated in the report attached to the case documents. Also, for humanitarian reasons, the core value of human dignity and our Basic Law, which is directly related to the issue of health of each individual”.

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The defense of Venezuela’s special envoy for Iran, Alex Saab, consulted by Noticius do Norte, considered the decision positive, highlighting that “after all, a Cape Verdean court shows some humanity towards a cancer patient.”

The Court of the Economic Community of West African States (CDO) in its decision on precautionary measures ordered that Alex Saab be allowed access to specialist doctors. The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (UN) had already taken a decision in this direction. But the Cape Verdi authorities ignored these recommendations.


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