America. Woman drowns after filming flood that dragged her

  America.  Woman drowns after filming flood that dragged her

YouAn American woman made a video live on Facebook showing floodwaters passing by her home in Waverly, Tennessee. Linda Almond, 55, would eventually be pulled over moments later.

“Well, if someone’s watching me on Facebook Live… we’re flooding in Waverly, Tennessee right now. Pretty scary,” says the woman in the video, which ends 70 seconds later.

There is another voice in the clip, that of their 37-year-old son Tommy, who says that something has happened in the house.

Linda’s daughter Victoria The Washington Post cited That, moments later, the house “broke off the foundations” and the two were dragged. Victoria explained that her mother and brother were clinging to an electric pole but let them go when they saw a house coming their way.

Brother Tommy reappeared after being dragged under the water for a few seconds, but the mother disappeared. “My brother drowned for about 45 seconds and when he came back he couldn’t find his mother. That’s when he let go. That was the last time he saw her,” he said.

The incident happened last Saturday, when at least eight people died in floods in that southern US state, flooding homes and streets after heavy rain.

National Weather Service meteorologist Chrissy Hurley told local newspaper The Tennessee .

The city of McEwen and the neighboring town of Waverly, 80 kilometers from Nashville, are facing a “catastrophic” situation, according to meteorological services. In Waverly, families had to be rescued after water entered houses and rose 1.80 meters.

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