And the tropical storm to regain strength and dog Cuba, Florida

And the tropical storm to regain strength and dog Cuba, Florida

In Guatemala, at least 50 people have been reported missing after landslides buried houses in the San Cristibal Verapaz community, while roads elsewhere in the country have been blocked or washed away. AP report. Some residents were unaware of the storm, blaming the government for the lack of warning.

Now tropical frustration, its structure has been cut after grinding by Eta Central America. It was emerging over the Gulf of Honduras in the western Caribbean on Friday morning, ready for redevelopment in a tropical storm that passed through the waters of the sea. Cuba, South Florida and parts of the Gulf Coast may face stubbornly long-running systems.

In Florida, earlier this week, there will be a major risk of heavy rain and flooding, although tropical storm-winds could cause concern in some areas.

And now

At 10 a.m. Friday, Elizabeth had a wind speed of 35 mph heading east of Belize. The system was moving 7 miles north.

On the satellite, ETA was significantly healthier than on Thursday, while the system remained lengthened on the ground. Now, strong convection, or shower and hurricane activity, has produced the embarrassing condition of a tall, cold cloud top seen from above.

Signs of high levels of flow, or evacuation of “spent” air at high levels, were also evident. This was evident in the transverse bending or strips of cloud cover, which rotated away from the storm on its northwest side. By getting rid of what was no longer useful to him in the air, ETA will increase its ability to intensify by drawing more air at lower levels.

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And the road from Cuba to the east and south to Florida

By Friday evening, Eta will again be a tropical storm, as it blows northeast towards the Caribbean. While much of the North Atlantic has cooled, thanks to the changing se tune, the pockets of the Western Caribbean are warm enough to support its re-intensification. The Cayman Islands are under tropical storm warning, with 10 to 20 inches of local rainfall possible later in the week.

The inevitable tropical storm will probably pass near Cayman Island or west of it during late morning and early afternoon on Saturday, with windy winds and rain affecting the islands. Heavy rains and gusty winds will hit western and central Cuba by evening, where a tropical storm clock is in effect.

Some models suggest that 10 to 15 inches of rain is possible, with the most likely to fall in central Cuba. Cities such as Sancti Spirius, Camagui and Moron can see local flooding.

While probably intact but lightly scattered after hitting the ground, Eta will probably rise above the water again on Sunday morning, passing through the Florida Straits and keeping rain and wind possible. The National Hurricane Center predicts that maximum winds near the epicenter of the storm could be close to 60 miles per hour at that time, however, the epicenter could be blowing along the coast.

The uncertainty in the prediction spikes is around that time. We know that Eta is likely to lengthen, but it is unclear where it is. Etano’s track is sometimes parked on the Gulf of Mexico around a high-level, low-pressure system facing west. If it turns left too soon, a reorganization storm could pass from the Florida Keys into Eastern Bay. But if it turns out too slow, it will move over the South Florida Peninsula and have a greater impact on Miami.

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The National Weather Service’s forecast office in Miami tweeted that “the probability of heavy rain and gusty winds from #Eta is steadily increasing.” Frequent rains are expected in South Florida as early as Friday, while heavy rain is expected from Monday in the second half of Saturday.

Parts of South Florida may receive 5 to 10 inches of rain locally.

Flood clocks are in effect for Southeast Florida from West Palm Beach to Miami. The meteorological service wrote in a discussion that the rains in late October in eastern areas of South Florida saturate the plains to some extent. “Therefore, it will not take much to flood the area, especially on the east coast metro areas.”

In the Gulf of Mexico

In the event that Eta makes it into the Gulf of Mexico next week, its intensity will likely be high – meaning the atmosphere will be unable to support anything above a high-tropical storm or a low-end hurricane. This is because hurricanes will withstand cold sea surface temperatures and, most importantly, wind scissors – a disruptive change in direction with wind speed and / or altitude.

That’s all after 2020, and today’s hurricane season is filled with surprising litany. Its forecast will probably be developed in the coming days.

The world was stunned when Ata flirted with a Category 5 status in the Western Caribbean on Monday night. In the previous 24 hours, it covered 70 miles per hour, doubling the rate to be classified as “fast speed”. It was an unprecedented move so late in the season, and it matched the record by four other Atlantic hurricanes.

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It is the 28th hurricane to hit the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, a record for the busiest season ever. One system will bring us further into unrivaled territory.

Jason Semenov contributed to this report.


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