At least 30 killed in car attack in Myanmar – Hauso

At least 30 killed in car attack in Myanmar - Hauso

NGO Save the Children said today that two of its members were “missing” in Myanmar after more than 30 charred bodies were found inside vehicles following an attack on Friday that the junta was responsible for.

According to the British Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Children, “we have confirmed that his private car was attacked and set ablaze on Friday in Kaya State, eastern Myanmar”. A local group of observers blamed the country’s military for the attack.

Both the employees of the organization were returning home after a humanitarian mission in the area. Save the Children canceled many of its missions on the occasion of these events.

On Saturday, photos were posted on social media showing two trucks and a burnt-out car on a street in Horoso. Corpses can be seen inside vehicles.

“When we went to the area for verification, this morning we found charred bodies in two trucks.” “We found 27 bodies,” a member of the People’s Defense Forces, an organization fighting the junta, told AFP. Told. This source asked him for anonymity. Another witness said he saw “27 skulls”, but the other bodies were “so burnt we could not count them”.

According to the Myanmar Witness Observatory, “35 people, including children and women, were burned and killed by soldiers in the canton of Khrushchev on 24 December.

A spokesman for the junta, Zhao Min Tun, admitted that riots broke out in Chauso on Friday when soldiers tried to stop seven vehicles they believed to be “suspicious”. He elaborated that the soldiers killed “many” people.

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Myanmar has plunged into chaos following a February coup that ended a ten-year transition to democracy. In ten months, more than 1,300 civilians were killed, according to the Association for the Relief of Political Prisoners, a local non-governmental organization that condemns torture and extrajudicial executions.

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