Australian couple got married in flood

Australian couple got married in flood

A couple got married in the ongoing flooding on the east coast of Australia. As seen in one of their wedding photos, they hugged on the road, submerged in floodwaters. Indian media NDTV gave this news on Tuesday (23 March).

A bride named Kate Fatheringam had already arranged for her wedding day. On the appointed day, Kate sees her house filled with floodwaters. However, he did not shake his hair from the decision to marry. In this situation, he made a post on Twitter and asked for help to reach the wedding venue.

According to the news, a local television channel came forward to help Kate after seeing that tweet. Kate, wearing her wedding dress, was airlifted to the destination. Kate also tweeted this. The incident went viral shortly after. In a response, Kate said, “I was a little broken when I saw the flood, crying. Then I thought whatever, we would face the issue.”

Surprisingly, Kate, a food supplier who could not attend the second wedding due to the flood, agreed to serve food at Kate’s wedding and the guests took care of the decorations. The bride finally arrives at the venue 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

Kate tweeted, ‘I go to church and marry the love of my life.’ The post went viral on social media with a photo of the bride and the groom kissing on a flooded street.

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