Banners in front of the hospital in Sarajevo support him!

Banners in front of the hospital in Sarajevo support him!

Dudkovic Was placed in this medical institute a few days ago.

He has long had health problems.

Banners were left in front of the hospital today: “Hold as usual.”

Who is Atif Dudaković

Dudaković graduated from military high school in Zadar, and in 1976 studied at the Archery from the Military Academy.

The start of the war in 1991 saw him at the Artillery School Center in Zilder, after which he moved to Neen, where he received the rank of captain and the job of artillery commander under the command of the then first class Captain Ratan Mudalik.

In April 1992, he became commander of the Municipal Territorial Defense of Bihak, then commander of the Second Muslim-Croatia Infantry Brigade.

During the war at BiH, he was promoted to Brigadier and then Divisional General, and on November 1, 1993, he was appointed Commander of the Fifth Corps of the BiH Army stationed at Bihac. The units under his command defeated Western Bosnia units Fikret Abdic.

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After the war, he was the commander of the Joint Command of the Federation of Army of BHH.

A few years ago, BN TV published a video created on July 9, 1994, showing members of the People’s Defense of the autonomous province of western Bosnia, with Ijkoic captured by the Fifth Corps in an operation, Was led by Dekakowiok.

Dudakovich, surrounded by soldiers, then asked where the two prisoners were, and when he received an answer that they were in the expedition, he issued an order: “Shoot on the spot.”

In 2006, then-presidents and prime ministers of RS, Dragons Cavic and Milorad Dodick, filed a criminal complaint against Dudakovic with the Duke’s Prosecutor’s Office for burning houses after broadcasting videos of Dudwitch following a TV broadcast in R.S. Ordered.

This is an amateur video made on 7 August and 8 August 1995 in the vicinity of Glina and Dvor na Uni, with members of military structures “Crna mamba” from Croatia and “Hamza” detachment from Biol with the most brutal Serbian Behave. Soldiers and civilians leaving Crazyina during the “storm”.

Dudaković previously stated that he did not know what his subordinate units were doing. On August 7, 2006, Serbian radio and television aired new videos featuring members of the Fifth Corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after burning Serb villages in the Bosnian Krajina as part of Operation Storm, 16 and 17, On September 16 and 17, 1995.

The so-called retired general. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s army is suspected of war crimes in the region of Western Krzina, Petrovac, Kljuk, Sanski Most and Krapa na Uni. According to data from institutions in Republika Srpska, in search of the missing, in the action of the Fifth Corps of Bih’s army, during 1995, in the municipalities of Petrovac, Bisko, Bosanska Krupa, Sanski Mostaki, and Kljuk, 870 Serb civilians and 400 soldiers killed. Went and more than 30 villages were burnt.

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In that area, 21 mass graves of Serbs were found, which were killed by members of the Fifth Corps of Bih’s army during the military action “Maestral”.

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