Belarus announces response to EU sanctions / day

Belarus announces response to EU sanctions / day

Belarus will ban the import of a number of goods whose countries of origin have “imposed illegal sanctions” on Belarus, the foreign ministry said.

In response to sanctions against Belarus’ national airline Belavia, Belarus will also impose sanctions on European Union (EU) and British airlines.

Belarus’ foreign ministry did not disclose the names of the approved individuals and companies. The ministry also did not specify which countries would be subject to import restrictions and which goods would be subject to them.

However, the ministry stressed the importance of strengthening ties with Russia.

Last week, the European Union, Britain, the United States and Canada imposed new sanctions on Belarus in response to a hybrid attack on the European Union by Belarusian authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

In a sequence of hybrid attacks, there have been attempts in recent months to illegally send thousands of migrants from Belarus to Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, most of whom have arrived in Belarus as tourists from Iraq.

The European Union accused the Minsk regime of revenge for supporting the Belarusian opposition and imposed sanctions against Belarus in response to last year’s violent crackdown on the protests.

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