Belgium ends diplomatic role in South Korea Jensen Miyat kills clothes shop worker – latest news

 Belgium ends diplomatic role in South Korea Jensen Miyat kills clothes shop worker - latest news

Belgium – 31 May BBC Belgian authorities allegedly ended Ambassador Peter Leskouhier’s sacking in South Korea after his wife Jiang Shiqiu struck an employee of a clothing store in Seoul in early April. Due to dissatisfaction by the attendant inspecting the clothing worn while leaving the shop because he thought he had stolen it which is seen in the CCTV video

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The Belgian Foreign Ministry said. Following such an incident, Ms. Jiang apologized to the employee for her unacceptable behavior, however, by Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Willems. Decided to end Mr. Leskuhir’s role this summer. After serving for 3 years

The Belgian embassy said in a Facebook post, “Although Leskuhir has served the country with dedication, the current situation has not stopped him from continuing his role smoothly.”

Mrs Jiang Xuequ (right)

Earlier in April, Mr. Les Kauhir had earlier apologized to South Korea for the unacceptable behavior of the ambassador’s wife. Ms. Jiang initially sought a diplomatic waiver to avoid charges of assault. But the Belgian government revoked the right to allow the South Korean police to investigate Ms. Jiang.

The incident occurred on 6 April, South Korean media reported. Ms. Jiang spent about an hour trying on various clothes at the clothing store, then left, but was chased by the waiter. To test this, the clothes worn by the wife of the Belgian ambassador Clothes, which is the brand of the same store. It was not a new garment that was stolen to wear and get out of the store, and it was discovered that the clothes belonged to the real ambassador’s wife. Huh.

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Mr. Jiang was so angry and retreated to slap an employee at a clothes shop, then push and beat another employee who had come to stop him. Later, the Belgian embassy said that on 6 May, South Korean police questioned him. Jiang who was previously hospitalized after having a heart attack

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