Ben Shapiro mocks New York Times

Ben Shapiro mocks New York Times

Rs Ben Shapiro The New York Times mocked Friday for publishing “Chinese propaganda flattering Hong Kong’s full-blown takeover” The “wake staffers” of the paper revolted When he published an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-arch., Earlier this year.

Back in June, the Times’ own correspondents criticized the paper over the publication of a cotton-p-ad on the subject. George Floyd Unrest. Cotton called on the government to deploy troops in Minneapolis police custody as a last resort to help carry out the riots and looting that erupted amid anger over the death of George Floyd.

Cotton OP-ED, NY Times Writers in ‘Open Revolt’ after Claim Black Staff Revealed in ‘Danger’

The release sparked a revolt among Times reporters, with some saying it endangered black employees. Some staff members called ill in protest and the Times later announced that the review found that the part did not meet its standards. Eventually the editorial page editor James Bennett resigned.

Fast on Thursday, Times Published an opinion piece The headline, “Hong Kong is China, whether it is like it or not,” by a member of the Executive Council in Hong Kong, showed that any outcry, condemnation or sanctions about the Chinese government’s intentional encroachment in the Hong Kong case would change the fact. Hong Kong is a part of China and its destiny is connected to the mainland. ”

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Shapiro Took notice And wondered if the same employees would speak.

“So, any conscious workers who care too much about human rights, demanding the resignation of the op-ed editor who printed the open Chinese propaganda of the complete tyrannical acquisition of rights in Hong Kong?” Shapiro wrote.

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The New York Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Bradford Betz of Fox News contributed to this report


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