Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form government in Israel –

Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form government in Israel -

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on trial for corruption in a series of cases, failed to form a government on time on Wednesday. His failure paves the way for his opponents who want to unseat him from power after 12 years of rule.

Likud (right) came first in the March 23 Legislative Assembly election with 30 out of 120 seats in Knesset, fourth in less than two years in Israel. Its leader Benjamin Netanyahu received a mandate from President Ryuwen Rivlin last month to form the government.

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But after several weeks of intrigue, hallway discussions and sometimes contradictory rumors, the most enduring prime minister in Israel’s history has failed to win a majority of 61 MPs. President Rivlin’s office said, “Before midnight, Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed the presidency that he was unable to form the government and was therefore returning the mandate to the president.”

Lapid is ready

The Israeli president should now approach Wednesday morning as per his services, discuss the procedure to be followed with the elected Knesset and thus attempt to end this soap opera of “endless history”.

Yish Attid (“There’s a Future”) former journalist and television host for nearly ten years as head of training, Saint Yar Lapid, said Monday was ready to hand him the task. The task of forming a government. .

“The time has come for the new government. This is a historic opportunity to break the barriers that divide Israeli society, to unite the religious and secular, left, right and center,” said Yar Lapid.

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Close to two depots

In recent weeks, Benjamin Netanyahu has attempted to form a “right-wing government” with his allies from ultra-conservative parties and radical-right Yamina and far-flung “religious zionism” structures. But adding to this support, his political counter stayed close to 59 elected representatives, a two-man parliamentary majority.

In an attempt to reach this threshold, the Prime Minister unsuccessfully tried to bring back the right-wing rebels, who left Likud to form the conservative “New Hope” party, and included the Islamist party Rama de Mansoor Abbas, making him angry went. ‘

The opposition must now ensure that it gets the mandate to form the government. To this, former Army Chief Benny Gantz said on Tuesday evening that he had “spoken with all the leaders of the declared parties, to advise them that Yar Lapid gets the mandate to form the government”, in its To form a government together in a few hours “.

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