Biden declares Texas “major disaster”

Biden declares Texas

US President Joe Biden announced a major disaster in Texas today, Saturday, as the state struggled with the effects of a winter storm that killed at least 24 people and caused widespread blackouts and water scarcity. Caused

Millions of residents of the largest oil and gas producing state in the United States have been forced to live without electricity for days, and nearly half of the state’s population still suffers from disrupted water supplies.

In addition, Lena Hidalgo, the most elected official in Harris County, which includes Houston, said on Friday that authorities recorded the deaths of ten residents from hypothermia.

Biden’s measure provides federal funds for individuals across the state, including assistance for temporary housing, home repairs, and low-interest loans.

First crisis

Biden is also considering moving to Texas to observe the efforts of federal officials to confront the first crisis that has arisen since he took office more than a month ago. The White House is working closely with Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, who initially did not accept Biden’s victory in the November 3 election.

Abbott thanked the president for declaring a state of great disaster, saying in a statement that the announcement was “an important first step”, but added that aid to individuals was only approved in 77 provinces and all 254 provinces. Not as requested. .

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