Biden did not stop the fight against Nord Stream 2, but even more “tightened the punches” – Die Welt

Biden did not stop the fight against Nord Stream 2, but even more

US President in Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline dispute Joe BidenIt seems to have gone to reconciliation, but Trump’s successor is actually “tightening the screw.” Meanwhile, the US president is misunderstood.

reported by world… Biden criticized the pipeline as it increased the dependence of Western European allies on Russia and helped fund aggressive Russian expansionist policies.

Now the president’s statements indicate a waiver: The US president’s statement was perceived as “a step towards us”, the FRG foreign minister said. Haikou maso… At the same time, Biden was misunderstood, as revealed by the circumstances of his last statement.

Chief Republican in the House Foreign Relations Committee Michael McCull Said that if Axios’ ban report was true, it would be an indication that the Biden administration never wanted to disrupt the pipeline.

The President of the United States responded to repeated soliciting requests from Republicans with explanations about the project company. But he was never a target of sanctions under Biden’s predecessor. Donald Trump.

In addition, there is no denying that US sanctions have been hardened later, based on the development of diplomatic negotiations. Because, even though the construction company itself is not subject to sanctions, Biden has imposed additional sanctions against four others, mostly Russian shipowners, who are involved in the construction of the pipeline.

Formerly President of Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov Said that Ukraine must have a backup plan In the case the Russian Federation completes the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. You should always have “Plan B”, and, knowing your northern neighbors, – and “Plan C”.

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