Biden’s inauguration – the date and how it differs from Trump’s inauguration

Biden's inauguration - the date and how it differs from Trump's inauguration

At the inauguration of the United States presidential election Joe Biden, Which is scheduled for January 20, American singers will sing Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez.

Lady Gaga was honored to perform the national anthem at the gala event and Jennifer Lopez will perform a solo show.

Also a 22-year-old American poet will participate in the official Biden ceremony Amanda Gorman, Jesuit priest Leo O’Donovan, African Methodist clergy Sylvester bayon And president of the International Firefighters Association Andrea Hall.

And during the 90 minutes Celebrating america (“Celebrating America”), after the ceremony, will perform Justin timberlake, John bon jovi And Demi Lovato. Hollywood actors will host the show Tom Hanks.

Joe Biden's inaugural show scheduled for 20 January 2021

As politicians, three former US presidents promise to attend Biden’s inauguration: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush And Barack Obama… Donald Trump has refused to attend events marking the inauguration of his opponent in the election.

Tony Allen, the head of the inaugural committee, pointed out that the choice of attendees for the inauguration ceremony reflects the “diversity” of the American nation.

Traditional ceremony There will be no dinner, reception or a ball Due to the epidemic. The public was also urged not to come to the program but to see what is happening on TV or online.

Donald Trump swears in at his inauguration

If you remember Inauguration of 45th US President Donald Trump, whatever happened January 20, 2017 Singer congratulated him on assuming office Jackie Ivanko, Sang the anthem Mormon Tabernacle Chair, group The Rockets, The Piano Guys, 3 Door Down, As well as country artists Toby Kate And Lee Greenwood.

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Four former presidents participated on the stage: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

During the speech of the new president, it started raining, and days after the inauguration passed in many cities of the country “Women’s March”. The protest was triggered by statements by Trump, who considered part of the public to be inaccurate and sexist.

as reported OBOZREVATEL, first Donald Trump Was Second During his chairmanship Accusation… also reported that Trump’s case of “inciting rebellion” could be considered To coincide with the opening of Joe Biden.


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