Boris Johnson goes on a honeymoon… and leaves the cost of life crisis to the “future prime minister”

Boris Johnson goes on a honeymoon... and leaves the cost of life crisis to the

Downing Street said on Monday it would be up to “a future prime minister” to face the cost of living crisis, at a time when Boris Johnson, who is resigning, blamed his absence despite deteriorating economic conditions. He is going. Situation.

Supposedly to handle day-to-day business, the Conservative prime minister honeymooned in Slovenia last week as the central bank warned that inflation would be above 13% in the fall, leaving Britain in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Will put you in recession for the longest time.

Finance Minister Nadim Jahvi was also away from London.“As per tradition, it is not up to the prime minister to make major budget changes during this (interim) period. It will be up to the future prime minister.” To take care of it, said a Downing Street spokesman.

Boris Johnson resigned in early July after months of scandals. Members of the Conservative Party vote to appoint his successor in August, which will be known on 5 September.

As recession threatens, Boris Johnson is an absentee customer. Since the announcement of his resignation, he has been criticized for missing out on crisis meetings dedicated to the historic heat wave in the United Kingdom or for not receiving English footballers after their victory at the Euros.

On the other hand, he celebrated his wedding to Carrie Johnson and went on vacation to Slovenia last week, where he claimed to be “amazing” on local television. “We had a wonderful honeymoon. We climbed every mountain available, dived in lakes, took a bike ride”, he listed. The political crisis is leaving a “zero” in the country at its worst, according to former Labor prime minister Gordon Brown.“There must be someone at the wheel. And it is not fair that they (the ruling conservatives) are sleeping at the wheel – there is no one at the wheel right now”He rained heavily on ITV channel.

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“There is a void that needs to be filled immediately if we want to protect people” In a crisis situation, added the former prime minister.“If we wait for a new prime minister, it will be too late”He warned, asking Boris Johnson and the two candidates for his succession – Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak – to agree on emergency budgetary measures.


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