Brazil issued a decision during a public session on the decision to revoke the sentence of “Lula”

Brazil issued a decision during a public session on the decision to revoke the sentence of

Brasilia – AFP
The Brazilian Supreme Court gave its verdict about Judge Edson Fachin’s decision during a public session in which former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was convicted of corruption after the prosecution’s appeal was dismissed . Fushin wrote on Friday: “the motives leading to his decision” were preserved, and now 11 judges of the Supreme Court have to decide whether to “uphold” the decision to revoke the convicts, dismissing the appeal. Please do it. The prosecution asked him to reconsider his decision.
The defense team of the former Brazilian president (2003–2010) now has five days to declare his position in the case on the agenda of Supreme Court judges without imposing time limits for these procedures. Judge Fashin considered that the Curitiba (South) court, which ruled Lula in four cases, was “not authorized” to decide on these files, and ordered the transfer of two cases, two convicts and two cases, including No decision has yet been issued for another court in Brasilia. The 75-year-old Lula was alleged to have received bribes to support the bids of contracted companies, specifically linked to the state-run oil company Petrobras, to obtain public contracts.
In the appeal, which was dismissed, on Friday, public prosecution requested at least two convictions against Lula, its solid legal basis and the fact that Lula was “considered to be the head” of the Petrobras regime.
The decision to revoke the sentence allows the former leftist president to restore his political rights, although he is not immune to the new legal prosecution. Lula spent a year and a half in prison after being found guilty of corruption between April 2018 and November 2019, and was released by a Supreme Court ruling, which was unanimously adopted by his judges, but barred from running in elections. Gone.

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