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Bed in a temporary field hospital set up at the Asia World Expo on August 1, 2020 in Hong Kong. Anthony Kwan / Getty Images

Hong Kong reported 115 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, the largest single-day case since August 2, while the city also reported 115 cases, city health officials said.

According to Dr. Chuang Shuk-quan of the Health Protection Center, 109 of the 115 new cases were infected locally while the remaining six cases were imported from abroad. Of the 109 cases transmitted locally, 62 were linked to nightclub clusters, bringing the total number of cases in the cluster to 479. The origin of 24 cases could not be traced.

Dr. “The epidemic is taking a turn for the worse,” Chuang said. Chuang said when he urged people to reduce social gatherings and limit the spread of the virus. Dr Chuang added that the growing number of cases is “very worrying” and that the current situation is “more serious than the last wave”.

With the new cases, the total number of infections in the city has risen to 6,7 to 2, while the death toll has risen to 10, according to Dr Chuang.

From Wednesday the city will suspend all face-to-face classes in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

“This Wednesday (December 2) face-to-face classes and school activities will suspend all kindergarten, primary and secondary schools until the Christmas break,” the government said in a statement released on Sunday.

Hong Kong was a city to respond quickly and effectively to the coronavirus epidemic, but Health officials warned in July Potential “exponential growth” in new cases of Covid-19.


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