Cambodian Prime Minister in quarantine after Hungarian meeting

Cambodian Prime Minister in quarantine after Hungarian meeting

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (AP) – Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen and four cabinet ministers parted ways on Thursday, when he met with Hungary’s foreign minister on the same day he tested positive for coronavirus.

Han Sen said on his Facebook page that he has tested negative and will follow the country’s coronavirus guidelines and remain quarantined for 14 days, during which time he will not meet with family members or participate in public events. He said his wife and her 16 staff – bodyguards and drivers – also tested negative.

The Cambodian Ministry of Health said all 628 people who took part in the visit had tested negative so far and urged everyone who contacted the Hungarian delegation to take the test for two weeks and stay separate.

The Cambodian Foreign Ministry said that Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sjigarto had a negative test before leaving Hungary on Monday and also a negative test in Cambodia.

On Tuesday, he made a courtesy call on Hun Sen and held separate meetings with Foreign Minister Prak Sokhon and Commerce and Agriculture Ministers. The photo showed that Hsien and Prak Sokhon were not wearing masks when visiting, although other Hungarians did. Prak did not wear a soft mask and greeted his visitor with a handshake.

Later that day, Sizziarto went to Thailand, where he tested positive on arrival. He was placed in quarantine before leaving for Hungary on Wednesday, and all his meetings in Bangkok were canceled. The rest of his officers tested negative.

Han Sen, 68, has ruled Cambodia for 35 years.

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As many as 300 cases of coronavirus were reported in Cambodia on Monday for the first time since March, with class sizes and hours limited by anti-virus precautions.


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