Can be prosecuted in Iran again – for TV interview

Can be prosecuted in Iran again - for TV interview

Zagahri-Ratcliffe had given his final sentence of house arrest at his parents’ home in Tehran. His handcuffs have now been removed but it is still uncertain whether he will be allowed to return to the UK, Reports to the BBC.

She is said to have not withdrawn her British passport, and according to her husband Richard Ratcliffe, new charges against her will be heard in an Iranian court next Sunday.


United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has strongly criticized Iran’s decision to have Zagahri-Ratcliffe in the country. “I am delighted that Nazneen Zagari – Ratcliffe’s leg stiffness has been removed, but her continued detention is completely unacceptable,” he wrote. Twitter.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also condemned the Iranian action on Twitter. “Iran’s ongoing treatment for her is unacceptable. She should be allowed to return to the UK with her family again,” he wrote.

Zagari-Ratcliffe, accused of abetment during the 2009 mass protests, was arrested at Tehran Airport in 2016 and sentenced to five years in prison in a clandestine trial.

– The family never saw the charges in which he was convicted. There is no written document, says Richard Ratcliffe To bbc.

He fears that his wife may live in Iran for the foreseeable future,

Manifestation London I

According to his lawyer Hojjat Karmani, the new charges against Nazneen Zagari-Ratcliffe are “propaganda”.

“In this case, she accuses him of participating in a demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in London in 2009 and campaigning against the Islamic Republic in connection with an interview with the BBC’s Persian TV channel,” he said. News agency Reuters.


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