Check on Dubai 24J2020

 Check on Dubai 24J2020

Dubai : Dubai controls weddings, private ceremonies and other social functions. The new directive states that no more than 10 people will attend such events from 27 January. The new order was issued by the Dubai Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management.

Make sure that only close relatives attend the ceremony. This applies to all events held in hotels, homes and other places.

All entertainment in Dubai is suspended. Stage shows were also withdrawn by the Tourism Department. More than 200 violations have recently been committed in this area. Within three weeks, 20 establishments closed. The sale of entertainment and food on ships and abreas ceased. The social distance between the gym and the fitness center has been increased by two to three meters. Non-emergency surgeries are excluded until 19 February.

Kovid also tightened standards in cafes and restaurants in Dubai. The Crisis Management Committee also announced restrictions to ensure the health of visitors to the restaurant. This offer also applies to the Sheesha Cafe.

The restrictions are as follows

The distance between the tables in the restaurant has been increased from two meters to three meters.

The restaurant can seat seven people at a table. Earlier it could seat 10 people.

A maximum of four people are allowed to have one table at the cafe.

Officials from Dubai Municipality, Department of Tourism and Ministry of Finance expanded the inspection.

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