China valued its dialogue with the US as constructive and beneficial.

Diálogo entre EEUU y China

China said today that negotiations with the United States in Anchorage, Alaska were constructive, clear and direct, but at the same time allowed the parties to gain clarity on their positions, although differences on key issues persist.

Team leader and Communist Party (CPC) foreign affairs director Yang Jiechi told reporters that the meeting was beneficial and that his country emphasized the principles of confrontation, mutual respect and win-win to normalize relations with Washington.

However, Beijing was not accepting concessions on matters related to sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and development interests.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “China believes that some long-standing disagreements and problems can be handled through negotiation, but warned the US to protect its national dignity and just rights.” Don’t underestimate it in determination. “

According to an official statement, the delegation emphasized zero tolerance for interference in internal affairs, pointed to the country’s political system and angered the CCP leadership.

He demanded that the White House abide by the One-China doctrine in Taiwan’s treatment, respect the policies implemented in Hong Kong, lift restrictions on authorities and stop exaggerating the situation in Xinjiang and Tibet.

Despite a combative start, at the meeting the two powers agreed to establish a working group on climate change, vaccinating their diplomatic corps and analyzing the activities of both embassies and the press.

In addition to the bilateral agenda, the parties discussed the situation in Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Korean Peninsula, and agreed to strengthen coordination in organizations such as the G20.

“Both countries need to build trust (…) instead of blaming each other, understanding each other, attacking each other and working together and then focusing on the domestic agenda and their respective Achieve development goals, ”says Text.

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At the Alaska meeting, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi spoke for two days with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan.

It was China’s first official and in-person meeting with officials of the administration of US President Joe Biden.

Its debut on Thursday was difficult, as it overflowed with an exchange of criticisms, a reaffirmation of opposing positions and concerns regarding issues such as trade, technology and human rights, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang and the Korean Peninsula.

Despite the tensions, Blinken admitted that they were able to have “candid conversations” for hours at very extensive times.

However, he said relations with China “will be competitive where they need to be, with cooperatives rivaling where they can be and with necessity.”


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