Christophe stranded in Paris due to lack of fuel: “We went to all the service stations around”

Christophe stranded in Paris due to lack of fuel:

A Belgian man stranded in Paris for lack of fuel. They contacted us through the Orange Alert Us button. It is directly affected by the fuel shortage in France due to strikes at refineries and TotalEnergies depots.

Christophe had to bear the brunt of this, thinking he was going back tomorrow, but was forced to spend another night at the hotel. In his tank, he only has enough left to drive a few hundred kilometers, not enough to return to Lige. “We had to fill up to get home. We did all the stations around. There’s diesel, but there’s no gasoline. We had to restart a hotel night on site, in hopes that something would go unblocked in terms of fuel Interruptions. We take it philosophically with my wife, we’ll try to find a solution. We won’t let ourselves get discouraged. Maybe a friend picks us up. Or we’ll take a train to Belgium. “He says.

Weekend strike at refineries and pump stress

The strike by the CGT union at TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil was renewed on Saturday, a day after the government sparked talks that eased rules for the transportation of fuel in an attempt to resolve supply tensions at stations.

“The situation should continue to improve, as we have taken authorization so that the tank trucks can be aired this weekend” and “we have issued strategic stock”, Ecological Transition Minister Christophe Bechu announced the interview on Saturday at FranceInfo. He ruled out the possibility of a ban on the pump for the time being: “We are not there, other than a ban on filling jerrycans or cans, especially in the north of France where we have the most stressful situation”.

On Friday, Energy Transition Minister Agnes Pannier-Rancher announced “difficulties” in 42% of stations in Pas-de-Calais and 43% of stations in the north, down slightly from the previous day. Nationally, 19% of service stations experienced a shortage on at least one fuel at noon on Friday, according to the ministry which ensures France has “90 days of consumption” in strategic stocks.

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The queue of drivers at the pump becomes a daily sight. “There I got up at 4 in the morning to find petrol, I would wait 4 hours”testified, Terry Caboste, an employee of metallurgy, met on Saturday at a station in Paris, limiting fillings to 30 euros per customer. From Prague, President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called on motorists to “calm” and oil groups and unions to “remain calm”. “responsibility”. “I call on the relevant companies, which, for the most part, are still producing good results, to consider requests for pay increases as well,” Olivia Gregoire, Ministerial Representative for Small and Medium Enterprises, previously announced, without naming TotalEnergies, mentioned its $10.6 billion profit in the first half. While the CGT is calling for a 10% increase in 2022 – 7% for inflation, 3% for “wealth sharing” –, management recalls that it raised wage measures representing an average increase of 3.5% in 2022. Approved and refers to a negotiation for the 2023 salary session to be held on November 15 at this timetable she appears inflexible. According to CGT, on Saturday, three of the six French refineries were still closed: Total Energy’s largest refinery in Normandy, and two French refineries of American Aso-ExxonMobil, where the movement was renewed on Saturday. Interruptions by strikers reduce fuel delivery, so petrol stations often run out of stock of petrol or diesel. TotalEnergies manages about a third of the French stations. But the group also puts up a mess because of the success of the discount at the pump of 20 cents, which grants in addition to the state’s 30 cents rebate from September 1.

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