Concerns about Myanmar’s women’s clothing on the streets


Myanmar protestors: There are still concerns in Myanmar. It is well known that people continue to protest against military rule. The army is heavily deployed to thwart them. Some were killed in army firing. In this sequence… the military and the police did not take to the streets… the women there used the sentiment. Ropes were tied on streets and roads.

They have women’s clothes on them. Why are you doing this? Many came under suspicion. The people of Myanmar believe that if they walk under women’s clothes, bad luck will follow. The same sentiment was expressed by women. Neither the police nor the army dared to walk under them. In a way..trying to stop them.

The long-sleeved dress worn on the streets includes women’s clothing. Traditional belief is that if you walk from under the longti, you will lose your fortune and bad luck will follow. That is why anti-military protesters are taking to the streets.

However, now the youth believe that the army believes that this is their weakness. Myanmar residents say that if they want to come forward, they will take some time to escape. Public protests against military rule continue. The junta (army) is working hard to suppress the protesters. People living here are leaving the country. Even those who do not obey the orders of the army are fleeing. Junta is fighting chaos .. Mother is fighting. A large number of people are protesting on the streets in all the cities including the capital Yangon.


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