Coronovirus can take years from humans

Éveket is elvehet az emberektől a koronavírus

It is not an easy task for a demographer to try to give an accurate picture of how coronoviruses affect our life expectancy at birth: some African countries do not provide data on deaths in Mexico, while those in Mexico or Peru Data reported at locations is possibly untrue.

There is also some surprise in the data from developed countries: UCLA demographer Patrick Hevelin came to know when he began researching how the worldwide epidemic affected life expectancy? Infostart writes.

“Demography is about numbers – but really about people’s lives,” the researcher says in an article in MedicalExpress that reflects the changes caused by the epidemic, which currently stands at around 2.9, with a 3 percent mortality rate. Kills million people.

Hevelin and his colleagues found that in the United States, the average life expectancy at birth was reduced by about two years as a result of the new coronovirus: previously it was 78.8 years, but now it has fallen to 77.1.

This was 1.7 years less than the beginning of last year.

“Since World War II, life expectancy in the United States has not fallen to such an extent,” Hevelin says. The demographer states that the dead lost an average of 12 years of their remaining remaining lives due to coronovirus.

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