Costa Rica stunned Japan, made the perfect hold-up and… traded it for Germany!

Costa Rica stunned Japan, made the perfect hold-up and... traded it for Germany!

When we play with fire, we often get burned. Dominating (12 shots to 4) but unable to hit the wall Costa Rica (2 shots on target), Japan Was surprised at the end of the match by an apparently vengeful opponent after his defeat against Spain (0-7).

A breakthrough, out of nowhere, as the Costa Ricans defended for only… 80 minutes. But Ticos’ first (and only!) goal of the match was finally enough. Coming off the feet of right-back Fuller and being very badly negotiated by goalkeeper Gonda, he crucified the brave Japanese and completely re-launched an E group that was definitely a bit crazy.

a few hours after the skirmish between Germany And spain, The report is really clear: Costa-Rica, Japan, Spain, the three teams point to the three points. If Manshaft wins this evening, the four nations will be in perfect equality before the final day. Suspense, suspense…

For its part, Japan runs the risk of engulfing itself in a mountain of regret. The Japanese, who topped the group, had a three-star opportunity to take a big step towards the knockout stages. but as you say Roberto M.No match is easy in the World Cup. Here’s a new illustration…

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