Dahi Khalfan: Working on Friday is not forbidden in Islam


Dhi Khalfan, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police

Deputy Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant-General Dhahhi Khalfan, commented in a series of tweets on “Twitter” on the legality of the work on Friday.

Khalfan said that “the legality of working on Fridays is not prohibited by Islam, and some people spend Fridays in vain fun.”

And he continued, “Friday was a working day in the past, with evidence that God had commanded us, if we were called to pray from Friday, to pledge to sell.. and in sales involves buying and selling .. that means it was a working day and it is a test for those interested.. do they leave selling and come to pray? from Friday, but if he was a doctor and in the operating room was operating.”

And he continued, “Our religion is simple… Glory be to God, those in very important duties had to be assigned Fridays to leave, then it would have been a difficult matter.”

And he added: “Whoever thinks that it is against God’s law to work on Fridays, he is proud that he knows nothing.”

And he said: “Friday is not a holiday … so that whoever makes it a working day will be contrary to the command of God … That’s why some people don’t see.”

He continued: “The tweet means that making Friday a working day doesn’t violate God’s law… Those who try to create confusion are known for their evil intentions.”

He ended his series of tweets by saying: “Whoever doubts our loyalty to our leaders knows nothing about us… We are mountains that do not bow down by the wind.”

On Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates government announced the adoption of a new system of weekly work consisting of four and a half days of work per week, and the holiday being on Saturdays and Sundays, and half a working day until 12 noon on Fridays. . 1 January 2022.

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Source: RT+ Agencies


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