Democrats begin impeachment proceedings against Trump on Monday

Democrats begin impeachment proceedings against Trump on Monday

In the US House of Representatives, Democrats will propose a piece of legislation on Monday that should allow the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu announced it on Twitter on Saturday.

Now the LIU states that there are currently 180 co-signatories to a new piece of legislation that will allow Trump’s impeachment following Trump’s capitol storm by Trump’s allies last week.

Earlier, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi stated that “if Trump does not remove himself, he has no choice but to continue impeachment”.

Nancy Pelosi, President of the United States House of Representatives
Photo: EPA-EFE

Another passage, in which Vice President Mike Pence finds a majority within the government to use the 25th amendment and thus remove Trump from his power, seems to be no option at the moment. But in recent times there has been increasing pressure on Trump to maintain respect for himself. Even conservative Wall Street Journal Called him to do so.

Suggested on friday night Pelosi to President for an ultimatumIf he does not resign, the Democrats will initiate impeachment proceedings. He also told the Republican Party to convince Trump to resign, as he did in 1974 with Nixon.

Voting on wednesday

Articles of impeachment It will now be ready and presented in the House on Monday, according to Liu’s tweet. A vote will already be possible on Wednesday.

This is the second impeachment for Donald Trump during his tenure. In a previous effort in 2019, Trump was criticized for pressuring Ukrainian President Zelensky to cooperate in damaging actions against Joe Biden. The impeachment attempt then failed in the Senate, where the actual trial is held and where the President required a two-thirds majority to impose impeachment.

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It appears that Trump’s impeachment process will be decided before the transfer of power on 20 January. A lot will depend on how Republicans act, and Trump’s popularity with millions of Americans doesn’t make it easy. Nevertheless, the process may still make sense, because even after the transfer of power, the Senate can rule that Donald Trump can never create political power.

Giuliani also caught fire

Trump is not the only one Democrats are targeting. Again, several prominent Democrats, including Ted Lieu, have also sent a letter to the New York Bar asking them to launch an investigation into Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. They want him to be removed from the bar for his role in the alleged ‘coup attempt’. In a speech leading to the storm of the Capitol, Giuliani would actively incite the public by saying that it was a ‘CompeteHad to come.


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