Despite living in a quiet neighborhood, 74-year-old Jackie is going through hell

Despite living in a quiet neighborhood, 74-year-old Jackie is going through hell

Jackie lives on a quiet street in Devon, England. Rather, his life was ruined in what was a quiet alley before the arrival of this superstructure. In 2021, Exeter City Council gave a company the green light to build an apartment block, despite 130 objections to the request and an online petition against it written by residents.

Since then, dust and noise have ruled their days. Jackie, 74, who has lived in this street for more than 20 years, tells Devon Live that she has even considered moving. Unfortunately, he can’t find anything in his budget near the city center.

“It’s disturbing because I’ve been living here for so many years. I love to sit in my garden, but this summer I haven’t been able to. I feel neglected when people stay here. I want to stay here Like. We have a pedestrian area outside and the neighbors are very nice. I am not saying that the people who will live in the new accommodation will not be nice, but there are a lot of people. »

What concerns Jackie with her peace, she chose this house deliberately.

Another neighbor, Matt, who has lived in the area for 10 years, confirms: “The street is mainly inhabited by elderly people, so they often stay home”

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Among the objections, some mentioned that the building would be too big, it would affect the quality of life of the existing residents and it would not provide quality housing for the new residents.

For her part, a company spokesperson responded: “We are aware that new housing construction may require people, which can have an impact on people already living in the area, and we are not aware of our neighbours. We share our frustrations about overgrowth, but we are doing everything we can to minimize disruption. »


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