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Do a good job of epidemic prevention and prevent the virus from taking advantage of it. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

Wuhan pneumonia(COVID-19) Makes a comeback, spreads fire on Taiwan, and the province implements a three-tier epidemic prevention warning until June 14, when people go out and wear themFace masksIt is an essential device, and some people will wear goggles and masks to go outside. Apart from frequent hand washing and wearing masks, what other small things do we easily ignore? Let’s have a look ~

1. nails

Very long nails are easy to hide dirt and dirt, and bacteria is really easy to hide,VirusNot favorable for epidemic prevention. But if the trimming is too low, it will expose the delicate skin under the fingernails or cause a wound, allowing bacteria and viruses to take advantage of it.

The correct length of the nail is that the front edge of the nail is cut with the fingers, and the nail is in the “square nail and round corners” position, which is the best position.

Many people have now become accustomed to using alcohol for hand disinfection. In the long run, it is easy to produce dry skin on the hands, and even cracks or small sores. If you are not careful, you will be attacked by bacteria. Be careful .

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2. Mobile Phone

Modern people rely on mobile phones. When we are talking, the mobile phone screen is close to the cheek, causing close contact with bacteria. If you touch your eye, mouth and nose after touching your mobile phone, then you can become infected, therefore, your mobile phone must be disinfected, which has become your daily epidemic prevention.

For mobile phone disinfection, you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant wipes to gently wipe the screen, keyboard, and rear of the phone. The use of bleach for disinfection is prohibited. We should avoid getting wet on any opening, although many devices have waterproof performance, any detergent immersed in the phone will still cause damage.

With cell phone virus
Mobile phone disinfection has also become a daily epidemic prevention. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

3. Clothing

Viruses on clothes can survive for up to 24 hours. Bacteria and viruses can survive on clothes for several days even after washing in a normal washing machine at room temperature. The most likely to be infected with the virus is full body clothing, pants and skirts, because it is easier to get infected by the virus when clothes are on the buttocks, and other places are cuffs and elbows that can be touched by things. And which is easy to ignore.

Therefore, changing clothes and cleaning them as soon as possible after returning home is the way to prevent this epidemic. Do not sit on the couch or lie down in the bedroom in clothes to go outside or work. These may allow foreign microorganisms or viruses to invade your home.

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4. Toilets

(1) Keep the toilet ventilated to ensure air circulation and avoid bacterial residue.

(2) Carrying, disinfecting, and disinfecting all door knobs, cushions, flushing buttons and other places that will come into contact.

(3) While flushing the toilet, close the toilet lid and flush again. If it is a squat toilet without a toilet lid, be sure to wear itFace masksAvoid contact with suspended particles in the air.

(4) If you need to wait in line for the toilet, do not go in immediately after the current person has finished using the toilet. You can wait 1 to 2 minutes before going inside.

5. Door latch of Supermarkets and Supermarkets

According to a CNN report, many people in the United States have contracted the virus after touching the door handle of a supermarket refrigerator with the virus. Therefore, when you go to convenience stores and supermarkets, you should remember to disinfect them after using alcohol. Open them with your hands.

6. Go home and check from head to toe

But if you go shopping, you should wear a mask during the whole process, keep social distance from others and avoid staying longer. Wash hands and change clothes after going home.

After reaching home, you must first prevent and clean your personal epidemic, such as: washing hands and face, cleaning glasses, disinfecting personal belongings, bathing and washing hair, cleaning and disinfecting worn clothing, mobile phones. .. etc .

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The outbreak of the epidemic continues. All have started “new life of epidemic prevention”, suspended classes, and working from home, etc. However, epidemic prevention work must still be done to protect you and me and prevent the virus from taking advantage of it.

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