Donald Trump: – CNN: Refuses to stop the mob

Donald Trump: - CNN: Refuses to stop the mob

When Congress was under attack, former President Donald Trump is said to have had a telephone conversation with Republican leader Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives.

It writes C.n.n., Which cites several anonymous sources, who are said to have given information on the conversation by McCarthy.

In the conversation, McCarthy has insisted that the demonstrators were Trump supporters and begged Trump to stop them.

However, Trump refused to ask the protesters to stop the attack on Congress, and gave the following answer:

– Okay Kevin, I think these people (protestors, editor’s note) are more upset than the election, Trump said that according to the channel.

New description

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McCarthy is said to have been cursed at Trump’s remarks, and he said:

– Who the f ** n do you think you’re talking to?

According to the channel, the conversation between Trump and McCarthy has been described as a “screaming fight”, which was very amp, and where the insult was also committed.

McCarthy previously said that the conversation took place.

Republican members of Congress with whom the channel has spoken believe telephone conversations suggest Trump had no plans to ask protesters to stop the attack.

“You have to see what he did during the attack, where he had ideas,” he told CNN to confirm that Herrera Beatler, one of ten Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted to vote Trump. “

CNN could not comment on either McCarthy or Trump.

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Defended trump

– Dangerous: Trump supporters were on the hunt, and they were carrying weapons, said Congressman Stacey Plaskett. Video: AP
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On Friday, the defenders of Trump presented their arguments. Just before the congressional attack, Trump gave a speech, in which he asked supporters to march and fight against Congress. But that did not mean literally, defender Michael van der Veen claimed on Friday.

“Nothing in the text can be interpreted as encouraging, tolerating or inciting illegal activity,” he said.

Reactions created

Relations between McCarthy and Trump have caused earlier reactions.

Following the attack, McCarthy stated that Trump was responsible for the attack, but only a few weeks later he visited Trump in Mar-a-Lago.

The proponents of his case are working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.


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