Donald Trump: Violent rift? Mike Pence plans to leave USA in January – “time for anything but coincidence”

  Donald Trump: Violent rift?  Mike Pence plans to leave USA in January -
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In a few weeks, Joe Biden will be named the new US president. First Republicans get cold feet and are working on plans to avoid a conflict with Trump.

  • Last monday they did Voters Victory of election Joe Biden Approved.
  • On 20 January, he becomes a Democrat Joe Biden* Sworn in as 46th US President.
  • First Republican greeted Biden Were to win and from Like Attacked rapidly.

Washington DC – For weeks it has been a taboo break for being Republican Joe Biden Congratulations on the election victory. Whoever dared to do this or that agenda is off Trump Distracted, had to quickly vacate his post like Justice Minister recently William Barr. but later Joe Biden by Voter Passed on Monday President has been elected, there seem to be many Republican Gradually showing insight. Hard core around Like Remains silent For american vice president Mike pence* Which may change soon.

Mike Pence, US Vice President, Speaks During Life Is Winning Event

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After the US lost the election: Trump reduces dissidents

Donald Trump* Continues to remain stable for its course. As a result, US Election 2020 * Manipulation by Democrats and real one the winner Be yourself Whoever claims that, must bear the defamation of the outgoing US President or even his office Trumpadministration Empty. No one is immune to timbers Trump, Neither Supreme court Still like major republicans Mitch McConnellWhich weeks after silence Joe Biden Congratulations on the election victory.

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After losing the US election: Is there a danger between Pence and Trump?

Further it may US Vice President Mike Pence Miles. It has survived the electoral victory so far Joe Biden Continue to recognize and follow the same line as, although much more carefully Like*. However, it can be 6 January to change. Falls as vice president Pence The difficult task of presiding over the Congress session Bidens Victory in electoral College will confirm. even after that Pence Outbreak of Like And his followers fall prey.

After the US election: Is Trump Vice Pence leaving the country?

However it seems Aimed at us Already working on plans Day x to protect. Like portal of america Political trickster Reported, the team is rescheduled Pence Travel abroad near East. The starting date for the week-long trip to Bahrain, Israel and Poland is 6 January Scheduled. On the surface, the journey fits well with current efforts The Trump Administration in the Middle East. For several months, Trump has been mediating with the administration Talk in between Israel And Various Arab states Such as Morocco or United Arab Emirates. In addition, Israel’s visit should give them more support in the camp area Evangelical Christian bring.

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Travel to the Middle East as the perfect opportunity to avoid Trump

In addition to potential domestic and foreign policy goals, travel takes place Aimed at us The perfect opportunity to resolve the conflict with the outgoing president Donald Trump To avoid or at least prolonged delay. A confidant of Pence told Political trickster: “I doubt that time is anything but random”. This approach will fit the strategy Pence In the last few weeks American election has driven. The president is the opposite Pence The election was never made public with plentiful announcements of winning and election malpractices. Rather, he stayed in the background as usual. if Pence The journey will also start has not been confirmed yet. (PHF) is part of the Ippen-Digital Editorial Network.

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