Donnie, 22, suspected of killing boy, ‘has a good side and a bad side’ (pictured)

Donnie, 22, suspected of killing boy, 'has a good side and a bad side' (pictured)

Police were actively searching for 9-year-old Gino, who went missing on Wednesday evening in Kerkred, near the German border, where he was staying with his 32-year-old sister. This Saturday, hope ran out as the boy’s body was discovered and identified. A corpse found from the signals given by Donnie M. This 22-year-old youth is the prime suspect in this case.

He was arrested from Friday to Saturday night in connection with this disappearance. He has expressed the possibility of kidnapping the victim. The police specified that the person was known for his services and justice. The youth will be produced next week in connection with this disappearance.

In Laatste Nieuws’ column, Christian paints a portrait of his best friend. He was very close to a man whose honesty he doubts today. He also gives a clear example to support his remark: “Donnie told me he hung newspapers against his window because the sun was shining too brightly. Today, I doubt this is the real reason… especially when From then he had curtains, ”he explains to our colleagues.

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Two Faces

He also admits: “I knew for a while that Donnie was a good liar. But I thought he only did this to other people. Because he always called me his younger brother.” A decade-long friendship during which Christian sees Donnie doing some silly things. “When he was 14 or 15, he stole and set fire to garbage cans, but also cars and garden sheds. To him, the prime suspect in little Gino’s case was “two sides of him.” faces. One good and one bad. I’ve seen it change many times…”

He also shares the latest news from his best friend. “Donnie was in a relationship for 17 months. They were in love but he didn’t want her to move in with him. He said it was still too early, that he loved his freedom,” he says. Famous Wednesday.” That evening, Gino disappeared. I saw Donnie at his house on Thursday evenings, Friday afternoons and Friday evenings. He stood on the floor of his garden and said only “hello”. He then went straight in…”

Everyone else knows, unfortunately. “It’s so weird. That my neighbor and best friend is able to do this”, convinces Christian who concludes by giving the news of Donnie’s girlfriend. “She is in complete shock. But she never saw Gino. She doesn’t understand. »

*Christian is a fictitious name.


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