Egypt’s presidential offer ‘unacceptable’, says Zakhia Khattabi

Egypt's presidential offer 'unacceptable', says Zakhia Khattabi

offer Tabled by the Egyptian Presidency of COP27 Is “not acceptable” And “European goes far beyond the red linesZakia Khattabi, the federal climate minister, reacted on Saturday.

The last Belgian minister present in Sharm el-Sheikh, the negotiator “Mitigation“The Conversation, Mrs. Khattabi, notes that”The mitigation component presented tonight is a major setback compared to Glasgow’s achievements.,

At COP26 last year in Scotland, the international community “stay alive“One of the main objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement: to ensure that the increase in global mercury is limited to +1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial era, knowing, based on the IPCC’s report, that each additional The excerpt emphasizes on the harmful effects of global warming to an extent.

,It is not a question of reopening the discussion on our ambition, but of agreeing on ambitious operationalization of the Paris Agreement as well as the Glasgow Climate Treaty (Glasgow Climate Treaty to be concluded in late 2021, editor’s note). We are not there yet, we will not give up our efforts until the last moment, but there is no question of compromising on the fundamentals of international climate policy.“, further warned the Belgian minister.

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