End of Campaign in the United Kingdom: Liz Truss at the Doors of Power

End of Campaign in the United Kingdom: Liz Truss at the Doors of Power

Elections and frequent rallies have confirmed the 47-year-old foreign minister’s considerable lead over the 42-year-old former finance minister within the Conservative Party, whose members must vote by post or internet before 4:00 p.m. GMT.

The result will be announced on Monday afternoon and barring a dramatic change, Liz Truss will become the fourth British prime minister since the Brexit referendum on Tuesday, the third woman in the position after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

She will replace Boris Johnson, who was forced to resign in early July due to an accumulation of scandals. And electricity bills throttling homes, schools, hospitals and businesses would be eagerly awaited for an immediate answer, leading to a social struggle never since the Thatcher years (1979–1990).

“It will be a huge surprise if she doesn’t win,” John Curtis, a political scientist at the University of Strathclyde, told AFP, adding that the accumulated lead in elections and the minister’s “ability to woo politically conservative” followers and his Make a clear message clear”.

Liz Truss, a veteran politician who has held the position of minister for 10 years, has swayed the base by promising massive tax cuts and adopting a very tough tone against unions. This has drawn comparisons to her to Margaret Thatcher, a symbol of conservatism, though her rivals are working to dispute her legacy as a champion of budgetary prudence.

The grandson of Indian immigrants, Rishi Sunak, who would have been the country’s first non-white prime minister if he was surprised, he struggled to transform his image as a wealthy technocrat, lecturer and traitor who slammed the door. Beginning of the downfall of Boris Johnson. Government in early July.

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The latter regrets the part of the base, these 160,000 to 200,000 members, or 0.3% of the population, – above average men, old and white – who will decide on the prime minister.

The party never disclosed their exact numbers, even as a news site is suing it demanding more transparency.

Act fast

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson will submit his resignation to Elizabeth II at her summer residence in Balmoral, Scotland, a first for the 96-year-old sovereign, who has trouble walking and will not travel to London.

His successor will form his government and face opposition leader Keir Starmer on Wednesday, before returning to London to deliver his first speech outside 10 Downing Street after becoming the monarch’s 15th head of government in 70 years. Parliament.

The task promises to be difficult with a majority divided by scandals and the desire for independence in Scotland and a country stricken by post-Brexit tensions in Northern Ireland.

But the pressure will be enough to act quickly. The cost of living crisis has taken a dramatic turn, with the announcement of an 80% increase in household energy bills in October that could push inflation to 22%, already over 10%, according to the most alarming forecasts.

From transport to postal workers including postal workers and lawyers, the strikes are on.

Liz Truss promised massive tax cuts rather than direct aid and said she wanted to limit the right to strike.

The Sun on Thursday, despite promising “immediate support” for homes in trouble, gave no details and canceled a promised interview with the BBC at the last minute this week.

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He was distinguished by Boris Johnson, his absence during the summer, on vacation to Slovenia and then to Greece. He refuses to return to politics and his presence seems to be cumbersome. On Thursday, he promised his “full support” to whoever would replace him: “And for the rest, life goes on”.


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