EU: Candidates from Ukraine, Georgia and Macedonia will be screened

EU: Candidates from Ukraine, Georgia and Macedonia will be screened

Twenty-seven representatives ask the commission to formulate an opinion. The first step to a long and complex process, symbolic.

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IThe merger of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova into the European Union is certainly not for tomorrow. But on Monday the first step was taken: representatives of twenty-seven agreed to instruct the European Commission to give an opinion on the request made by the three states. This request is not a formality: in recent years, the European Executive has taken one to three years to express itself on the files of countries wishing to join. This is the only time it has been of the opinion that the Council will be asked to govern and, possibly, to provide the official status of the candidate to the States. Only then will the (prolonged) negotiations for accession begin, which, in particular, provide for compliance with economic norms and alignment with community acquisitions. As a reminder, five countries (Turkey, Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro) validated their candidacy several years ago, but discussions have since stalled (or even came to a standstill in the case of Turkish statehood). Has gone). The fact that a process has been started, a symbolic one.

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