“Excellent class”: Kylian Mbappe scored twice and the group was eliminated

France has beaten Poland and will face the winner of England-Senegal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Kylian Mbappé squandered a lot of chances before scoring two absolutely spectacular scores to the delight of social networks.

it’s all over ! France won 3–1 after Robert Lewandowski converted a penalty late in extra time. The French advance to the quarters and will face the winner of England-Senegal.

Second goal for Kylian Mbappé who scores another great goal. a very powerful shot into the opposite sky that leaves no chance for the goalkeeper,

Kylian Mbappe doubles the score! The Bondi native is well isolated on a pass from Ousmane Dembele, has plenty of time to arm his shot and leaves no chance for Szczecny,

Olivier Giroud scores another brilliant goal! A spectacular acrobatic comeback… that would be in vain as the referee blew the whistle to stop play as the Polish goalkeeper was hurt,

Good! Olivier Giroud opens the scoring and becomes the top scorer in Les Bleus history with 52 goals,

Here, the referee stops the match so Jules Kunde can remove the chain from his neck,

What a great streak from Poland who almost opened the scoring with two shots on the line first by Lloris and then by Varney,

Giroud fails to push down an excellent cross from Ousmane Dembele. It was clearly France’s best chance, but it remained 0-0.,

Defender Jules Kunde had a necklace around his neck. Internet users can’t believe it and rightly so because it is banned,

Denis Brogniart, presenter of the French team’s broadcast on TF1, is clearly nervous ahead of the meeting.

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Everyone has their own prediction before the match. If the majority sees France as winning, others are more undecided and, above all, they fear punishment.,


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