Follow the marathon meeting between Argentina and the IMF in Rome

Follow the marathon meeting between Argentina and the IMF in Rome

The important of the meeting can be divided into two registers.However, there is more. On the one hand, several meetings are taking place, reflecting some setbacks in the calendar that the government had planned for this time of year and on the IMF to move forward in an agreement to agree on a repayment of US$45,000. crores of dues

Without going further, Guzmán himself met with Kozak last Friday, after the convention between the presidents had ended. Alberto Fernandez and IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva. And they had met only a few weeks ago, that too in Rome. To this should be added the statements of President Alberto Fernandez in Edinburgh yesterday, hours before his first participation at the COP26 climate summit in the city of Glasgow. Fernandez spoke to the media accompanying him on his tour after arriving at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, saying that “The negotiation process is there.”

“Martin and the Belize team stayed in Rome. I think what matters a lot to Argentina is that we’re here to discuss what’s happening in our part of the world. The post-pandemic world There is a suffering world. Where many countries are in debt. Where many countries are in crisis”, he concluded.

When Limit Asked about his last meeting with President Fernandez Kristalina Georgieva, said: “Negotiations are proceeding with difficulties that are involved in negotiations. There are many competing interests. There is a financial world that has shown failure and which is reluctant to change and accept the crisis it has created. Dinner was good. It was a nice get-together. We talked openly to each other, we reaffirmed our desire to meet our commitments, but not at the cost of putting people off.” This journalist asked him what a “good” meeting meant. “It was fruitful,” said the President, And continued: “We are looking for mechanisms to go ahead and find points of agreement. We talked about the flight attendant, they told me it was to be analyzed in December. I am leaving satisfied. With the rush to find a solution, the fund teams were left at the head of Martin and Belize”.

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Another thing is that the meeting not only has a technical character, but a political component has also been added. Belize and Okamoto’s involvement may be relevant in this regard, regardless of the definition of Fernandez, who explained yesterday that “It is clear that Argentina cannot pay the $19 billion next year, we are working so that we can reach a permanent agreement. That development is not postponed and a plan which is socially costly and which can be completed on time is not imposed on us. It is clear that it is impossible to comply with what Macri signed and it is clear that this was a compromise of a plan that the Fund had proposed and that its failure was demonstrated at the first review”.


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