François Hollande announced that he would not be a candidate in the legislative elections and PS. will deal with

François Hollande annonce qu'il ne sera pas candidat aux élections législatives et tacle le PS

“I had exercised the mandate of Korez’s deputy for more than 20 years before becoming president of the republic, so I had no business to return there, except in exceptional circumstances”, he indicates in this interview, submitting application a few hours before the deadline.

Describing this “extraordinary circumstance”, Mr Hollande indicates: “If after the presidential election the Socialist Party calls upon to rebuild itself and reappear at the time of legislative elections with personalities exercising power, had decided. They had not decided. Merger but to merge in an unbalanced agreement at the electoral level and not credible at the programmatic level”.

“If link(l)’ unite correz”, François Hollande confirmed that he had “no reason to be a candidate”, thus dispelling a hypothesis that had recently emerged.

In this first constituency of Correz, where the New Left Alliance is bringing together the LFI, PS, PCF and EELV, (La Nupes), an LFI candidate is presented, one of former president “progressive leftist” Anik Tesse-Philippe. Will support the pair. Bruggere.

“His candidacy matches the aspiration that I have in this constituency, of rebuilding a socialist, progressive left, capable of representing a credible alternative to the current power between a far-right wing and a fundamentalist who is convinced does not allow”.

“As the President of the Republic experienced today, my mission is to rebuild the Left Socialist and rebuild a great political formation such that I myself have inherited it and I must restore it for future generations. ”, says Mr. Holland.

“This great political formation is needed. I will come down for myself and others in light of the election results”, he promised, noting that the NUPS “does not represent a solution” and that his “Maximalist program”. does not allow them to be in majority”.

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As for the former head of state, “there are other sensitivities to be expressed during this election. They will be the basis on which we can rebuild”.


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