Freedom convoy: Police arrest knife-wielding protesters in central Brussels

Freedom convoy: Police arrest knife-wielding protesters in central Brussels

Protesters were arrested in the city of Brussels for carrying banned goods.

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sn Place du Monni, in the center of Brussels, Brussels-Capital-Excels Police officers made administrative arrests of several people because they were carrying prohibited items such as knives. Meanwhile, calm reigns and no significant events have been witnessed yet.

Police officers patrolling the city center noticed the men behaving strangely. An investigation revealed that they were carrying dangerous goods and banned weapons. Police said these are not things that pertain to a peaceful protest.

“We proceeded to make administrative arrests of these people and to confiscate the items”, indicates Carla Lonville, a spokeswoman for the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police.

Knife, Balaclava, Reinforced Gloves

An assessment of the number of people arrested and the number of items found will be done later in the day. It would be knives, balaclavas or reinforced gloves, as already shown on the Brussels Police Twitter page.

On the streets around Brussels, the federal and Brussels police continue to install filter barriers to deter participants in the Freedom Convoy, causing many traffic jams. Despite the ban, protesters going to the capital are directed to the C parking lot of the Brussels Expo.

“There are about 60 vehicles in the parking lot c. Everything is going smoothly and we will continue to monitor the situation,” Mr. Lonville said.

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