Gentz-Netanyahu alliance collapses as Israel leads early elections

Gentz-Netanyahu alliance collapses as Israel leads early elections

Israel’s ruling coalition is falling apart, setting the stage for a fourth election in two years.

Driving News: Defense Secretary Benny Gentz ​​announced tonight that his Blue and White party would vote in favor of dissolving parliament on Wednesday because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Gentz’s political rival has become a coalition partner – was refusing to pass a budget and a power-sharing deal. Were retired.

“Netanyahu has not promised any tricks or responsible management of the COVID-19 crisis. … He didn’t lie to me – he lied to you. He led the people of Israel. “

– Benny Gentz

Why it’s important: Wednesday’s vote is just a preliminary step, but it will pave the way for an almost irreversible path to early March elections.

State of the game: To survive, the government needs to pass its 2020 budget by December 2320, but Gantz insists that Netanyahu also agrees to pass the 2021 budget by then.

  • This would make it legally impossible for Netanyahu to withdraw from the Coalition Agreement, under which Ghentz would become Prime Minister on November 17, 2021.
  • Between the lines: When the deal was announced last April, many analysts doubted that Netanyahu would voluntarily step down as prime minister.

What they are saying: Gantez said he joined the power-sharing government because of the COVID-19 crisis and had no illusions about Netanyahu, whom he called a “serial breaker.”

  • He accused Netanyahu of worrying only about his political survival and defending himself against corruption in two months.
  • Gantez added that if elections take place, he will try to form a comprehensive government that does not include Netanyahu.
  • Netanyahu released a video Several minutes before Gantez’s press conference. He emphasized the need for unity and urged Gentz ​​not to vote in favor of dissolving the Knesset.
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What’s next: Gantz began at a young age by saying that early elections could be prevented if Netanyahu brings a 2021 budget to the cabinet for a vote in the next three weeks and guarantees that the Knesset will pass soon after.

  • Netanyahu is unlikely to take this step, as he does not want to pursue a rotation deal.
  • Voting also puts Netanyahu’s right-wing group far ahead in a possible election match.

Bottom line: It will take a miracle to prevent an early election.

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