Heat Waves: Entire Areas Will Be Unlivable in Coming Decades

Heat Waves: Entire Areas Will Be Unlivable in Coming Decades

According to the report, heat waves form almost everywhere where reliable data is available. deadliest weather hazard, they already kill thousands of people every year and will become more and more deadly In the report, Martin Griffith, head of the United Nations Humanitarian Agency, and Jagan Chapagne, Secretary General of the IFRC, say, as climate change progresses.

Heat waves are behind some of the deadliest disasters on record. Report misses heavy toll of heat wave 2003 in EuropeWho? more than 70,000 killedand a heat wave Russia in 2010 More than 55,000 people were killed.

Experts predict very high heat-related mortality.”Comparable, by the end of the century, for all cancers,

this year, Record temperatures have suffocated in regions or entire countries of North Africa, Australia, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East But also China and the western United States.

The report recalls that “extreme heat”a silent killer“The effect of Increaseto face enormous challenges continuous development while making new human needs, ,The human system does not have the means to solve such a big crisis on its own. We already lack the funds and resources to respond to some of the worst ongoing humanitarian crises this year”, underlined Mr. Griffiths.

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