Here’s What They’re Going To Do With Their 215 Million, “Normally I Don’t Have Much Luck”

Here's What They're Going To Do With Their 215 Million,

A British couple was lucky to win the second biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever. Joe Thwaite and his wife Jess have earned a sum of 215,840,341 euros (£184,262,899)!

Joe is a sales engineer and his wife Jess is a hairdresser. They have been married for 11 years and have two children. When asked by our colleagues from the Mirror, Jess said that her father has played for a lifetime. When she died, she wanted to keep the tradition.

“Generally, I don’t have much luck”

The couple explained that they play most often when there is a “significant” amount to win: ” I usually don’t have good luck, so I usually let my wife buy the tickets
“, They said.

Two Britons couldn’t believe it when they found out on the EuroMillions app that they had won the jackpot. He also called a national lottery to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.

With this huge amount, Joe and Jess will renovate their house first: ” That’s so much work. We have a bucket in the hallway because it’s raining inside “Joe says. Jess, for her part, wants to invest money in her hairdressing salon, which has suffered huge losses after the coronavirus crisis: ” Electricity bills also increased “, He added.

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