Hot Palace, Taliban Boss Furious

Alexa Metrics – The Afghan Presidential Palace suddenly became hot. Taliban bosses are pointing at each other. They create a ruckus in the palace.

Major disputes broke out between Taliban leaders. Many people disagreed on the formation of the new government Afghanistan.

The news was disclosed to the BBC based on the testimony of several senior Taliban officials.

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A senior Taliban official said in a statement: “A fight broke out at Rashtrapati Bhavan between Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the founders of the Taliban, and a member of the cabinet.”

Baradar was the first Taliban leader to interact directly with the US President during a telephonic conversation Donald Trump in 2020.

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Earlier, he signed the Doha Agreement on the withdrawal of US forces from the Taliban.

While at the Palace, it is revealed that the Taliban’s leadership has unconfirmed disagreements.

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Especially since Baradar disappeared from the public eye in the last few days.

Watch this video:

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