I am eagerly waiting for 2024

I am eagerly waiting for 2024

Suspended from social media, but still very influential among Republicans, former US President Donald Trump returned to the political scene on Saturday night.

“Our country is being destroyed right before our eyes,” he said in a speech at the state of North Carolina, hinting at no information on the 2024 presidential election.

“Our President!”

so introduced Donald Trump by Republican Party President Michael Whatley in North Carolina as he took to the stage in Greenville on Sunday night, an hour after the scheduled time, Swedish time.

It was Donald Trump’s first political appearance outside his new home state of Florida since leaving the White House in January, and 1,250 guests at the Republican convention welcomed the former president to several minutes of applause.

The 90-minute speech was similar to his campaign speech during the election campaign last year. He consistently praised his political achievements – from building the wall and tax cuts against Mexico to developing a vaccine against COVID-19 – while attacking President Joe Biden, whose policies he repeatedly called socialism.

“Our country is being destroyed in front of our eyes when we gathered here tonight,” he said.

He also reiterated the claim that last year’s election was rigged, but without presenting any evidence to this effect.

“It was the most corrupt election ever in our country,” he said, comparing it to elections in less developed democracies.

“The election will be remembered as the worst atrocity of the century. We can never let this happen again.”

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all American Courts and states that reviewed the election results dismissed the allegations of vote-rigging and ruled that Biden’s election victory was justified.

Trump promised that the party would return to the midterm elections next year, when new members would be elected to two chambers of Congress: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

And he once again hinted at the 2024 presidential election – without saying anything.

“We’re going to win North Carolina’s important Senate election, and we’re going to lay the groundwork for Republicans to once again support the dominant state of North Carolina, in a year I’m looking very forward to – 2024, Trump said to the cheering of the audience.

The 74-year-old billionaire has openly entertained the idea of ​​running for president in the next election, and his every word is in limbo.

Trump gave his speech The day Facebook announced that he would be suspended from the platform until at least January 2023. The former president was quick to criticize Facebook’s decision, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg also got a booty in the speech.

“They may allow me to come back in two years, but I’m not interested in that,” Trump said cryptically.

Net giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube shut down Trump from their platforms soon after his supporters stormed the Capitol congressional building on January 6 this year.

After storming Congress, only a few high-level Republicans have broken up with the former president, who, despite the fact that it’s been nearly five months since he left the White House, still hasn’t officially declared himself defeated in 2020. is. Presidential election.

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