“I think she was drunk at the time”

Richard Breakwell, 55, who lives in a flat above Annette and her boyfriend, saw the incident and ran downstairs. “My car was parked on the sidelines and I was worried it would do the same to me, so I ran down,” he told The Sun. “She was hitting the hood and I said ‘Stop doing this! It’s not normal. I’ll call the police’. She hit the windshield and the hood four, five or six times. She was screaming and swearing at me . »

Richard watched helplessly as his neighbor destroyed his car until his boyfriend intervened. “He tried to stop her but she was determined. She was on a mission and didn’t want to stop. But he grabbed her and took her inside.”

At times in the past there was some debate between the two neighbors because of Richard’s music that Annette was too loud, but never exceeded the limit of words. “I don’t know if it drove him so crazy. I don’t understand. There is no designated parking so we can park at any available location.”

thousands of euros in repairs

During an argument over parking, Annette deliberately damaged two other cars. All legally parked vehicles are said to have caused thousands of pounds of damage.

Bruce Powell, 71, a retired bus driver, said he felt “very banging” before he realized the £2,500 (+/- 3,000 euro) loss to his 4×4. “My car was the first to be attacked,” he told The Sun. “It was pathetic behavior. She doesn’t like me and according to her only her boyfriend should use this space. It all started when he kicked her and they got back together.”

Former music teacher John Spinato saw his Audi being targeted. The repair amount is worth £2,700 sterling (+/- 3250 euros), an amount he cannot afford with his pension. “I think she was drunk at the time and thought her boyfriend could park wherever he wanted because they’ve been here for a long time. I didn’t expect anything like this to happen. We’re all neighbors and we get along.” need to stay. »

Annette Kelly pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damages and also admitted to assaulting Richard Breakwell.

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