“I want to lend him my 308”: Philippe Pouto Valve Valerie Pecres, In Financial Difficulty

"Je veux bien lui prêter ma 308": Philippe Poutou vanne Valérie Pécresse, en difficulté financière

By signing off on Republicans’ worst result in the French presidential election, Valerie Pecrecy has alienated people in his own camp. She got into trouble personally as well. Having not reached 5% of the votes, synonymous with reimbursement of campaign expenses, he will have to find the money himself.

“It’s an individual and collective disappointment. The financial situation of my campaign is dire now, we have not reached the 5% which allowed us to receive 7 million in reimbursement from the state. These 7 million reimbursements are missing to meet the budget of this campaign. […] I personally owe 5 million euros”, He made the announcement to his supporters. , I am appealing for donations. I need your immediate assistance by May 15th to complete the funding of this presidential campaign. The survival of the Republican Party is at stake.”

Hence a delicate situation for the candidate who always screams “his value was work and not helpfulness”. The magnitude of the amount to be collected shouldn’t make her smile, but on the other hand, the former candidate LR’s many opponents are entertained. Including Philippe Pouto of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA).

Politicians offer their help on Twitter. “To help my former colleague Pecrecy, who is facing great financial difficulties, bound by an overestimation of his abilities, if it can help him, I lend him my 308 for a few days. Would like”, ironically, the guy on the social network .

He is not the only one to respond to this call for donations from Valerie Pecrese. There has been a lot of reaction from internet users on this.

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