I was arrested because I was standing in the way of the mafia

I was arrested because I was standing in the way of the mafia

Republika Srpska MP Nebojsa Vukanovic, who was arrested in Trebije on Monday, has been released.

Trebinje’s police administration announced that Nebojsa Vukanovic, a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serpaska, was arrested on charges of breaching public order and peace.

A video posted by Leutar.net on the social network Facebook shows police officers handcuffing Vukanovic and carrying him.

“The police arrested NV for violations of the law on public order and the peace of Republika Srpska,” the police said in the statement.

It has been added that Vukanovic was arrested around 10.40, with today being “reported twice for disturbing public order and peace”.

The first report was recorded at around 7pm, when Vukanovic allegedly insulted Trajanje District Court President, Bojan Stavik, and the second at around 10.30am, when Vukanovic was shot by Judge Stevik and Milan Bosik, president of Was reported Basic Court in Trebinje.

Police also said that Vukanovic “shouted” at Freedom Square in Trebinje, as well as that he refused to “take action on the legally issued order of police officers during his arrest”.

The district public prosecutor’s office in Trebinje was informed about the incident, the Trebinje police administration said.

Before he was arrested by the police, Vukanovic arrived near the front desk of the Platani Hotel, where judges Bosik and Stevic were seated, after which discussions between them began.

“The whole city was torn apart by crime, they destroyed everything, and then you come and take 70 thousand points from me,” Vukanovic said addressing Bosik and Stevik.

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Vukanovic, who works in the National Assembly within the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) club, although he is not a member, is known as a great critic of the government and often in conflict with the police due to numerous complaints and objections it happens. For the work of institutions.

Because of his statements, he has to face a number of decisions based on defamation lawsuits, which is why his entire parliamentary salary goes into the payment of compensation based on the court’s decision for defamation.

The opposition SDS and PDP demanded the unconditional release of Vukanovic, whose representatives gathered in front of the police administration in Trebinje after his arrest.

“If there is no justice for the people, there will be no peace for the government.”

Vukanovic said after his release that he was arrested because, as he said, he “stood in the way of the mafia”.

“If there is no justice for the people, there will be no peace for the government.” This morning, I was doing the most sacred human duty, I was standing in the way of the mafia, “Vukanovic told reporters in Trebinje.

He was arrested after verbally assaulting the presidents of the District and Basic Courts in Trebinje, Bojan Stevik and Milan Bosik.

“These criminals are responsible for the disintegration of this city, I came to tell them that in their eyes. I got seven envelopes with the final verdict,” Vukanovic said.

He said he struggled with judicial means for five years, but “the mafia decided to destroy him.”

“I swear I will stand in the way of the Chaldeans and I will avenge the poor someday,” Vukanovic said.

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