Information: Alexey Navalny has been released from prison

Information: Alexey Navalny has been released from prison

In February, after Alexei Navalny returned to Russia, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for violating the 2014 suspended sentencing rules.

According to the court, Navalny was obliged to see his supervisor twice a month – after being discharged from the hospital in Berlin, where he was treated for poisoning with the neurotoxin Novitjock.

The original verdict, dating back to 2014, is about Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg embezzling money from the company Yves Rocher. The cosmetics company itself stated that they had no complaints about the brothers’ activities.

On Friday, several countries including the United States also called for Russia to release Alexei Navalny. In a statement read at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the countries last year called for an investigation into naval poisoning. The Russian authorities’ action is “unacceptable and politically motivated”, the statement said, according to Reuters.

EU demands release of Navalnye

It was in mid-January that anti-critic Alexei Navalny returned to Russia in August 2020 after being in a coma in Germany after being poisoned by the neurotoxin Novitjok.

Many artists, including Navalny, openly suspect and accuse the Russian government of ordering the act, something the Kremlin vehemently denies.

The European Court of Justice has demanded that the critic be released immediately from prison in Russia. According to the court, deprivation of liberty violates the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Look at the photos when Navalny falls on the plane and investigates the poison scandal in 60 seconds.
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